Peak Performance x Nigel Cabourn

October 5, 2017 back to overview

For the first design collaboration in Peak Performance’s thirty-year history, only a legend would do. Building a name for himself in re-imagining utilitarian workwear, British designer Nigel Cabourn was the first choice. Together with Nigel Cabourn, Peak Performance presents a collection of highly technical ski and urban wear.

“We spent months rifling through Nigel’s extensive personal archive of global army apparel to find the perfect pieces to re-invent”, says Sofia Gromark Norinder, Head of Urban Design at Peak Performance.
The partnership between Cabourn and Peak Performance was a natural—two experts in the performance wear field of fashion, designing clothes for people on the same chilly latitudes. Fusing Cabourn’s British point of departure and expertise in global army apparel with Peak Performance’s unique Scandinavian outlook and proficiency in the innovative fabrication of ski and outerwear resulted in a collection rooted in Swedish military wear for the contemporary urban dresser.

“I’m an outerwear specialist drawing on British history. I always had an interest in all the military - British army, British navy, Royal Air Force. Those are obviously my preferences because I’m British. However, the Swedish ski patrols manning the mountains really interested me. They’re what we’ve used as the source of inspiration to build the collaboration on”, says Cabourn.

The collection consists of 20 unisex pieces, from the heavy sheep skin coat to the generous ski pants designed for the slope - and off the slope.

“The Swedish skiing coats were a bit like what the Americans had with the Tenth Mountain Division. They wore a piece of outerwear with a full working rucksack in the back of the jacket. I’ve been able to use that detail and bring it into the Swedish army reference. It’s a waterproof camouflage fabric” says Cabourn.

“Street fashion is very much focused on performance and military wear right now which resonated greatly with us both”, says Sofia Gromark Norinder. “Today, people don’t just want to look good - they are constantly bringing sport into their everyday lifestyle which is a phenomenon we woven into in the creation of this collection.”

With respect for each other’s expertise, the two designers remembered the past in order to re-imagine the future. The powerful contrast between the crafted and the technical is what makes Peak Performance and Nigel Cabourn the perfect couple.