Daily Paper travels to South Africa for it’s Fall/Winter 17′ campaign titled “Children of the City”.

October 2, 2017 back to overview

Daily Paper place major importance on details: from in depth research on various aspects of African history as inspiration for their collections to interpreting this information into original designs and prints in their pieces. For the 2017 Fall/Winter campaign all roads led to South Africa’s street style metropolises in Daily Paper’s quest to explore the concept of stealth and survival through the eyes of its youth. The collection received a whole new light being shot with street-casted models in the coastal city of Cape Town and further north in Johannesburg. The results were an extraordinarily atmospheric fashion photo series with a touch of documentary elements that uses the streets of South Africa as a stylish backdrop.

The South African youth has a unique culture and lifestyle that is constantly challenged. Despite their adverse circumstances, they have learned to adapt with the radical disruptions to their societies and pursue to migrate to the inner city and create a new world for themselves through sartorial elegance, style and grace. Ingenuity is the name of the game and being noticed is the main prize. The children of the city are all about finding and expressing their own unique identity and sharing this with the rest of the world.

Daily Paper’s new range of apparel demonstrates the brands evolvement. For this collection the brand used technical inspired trims, 3M/ glow in the dark prints with earthy tones and subtle branding.

The first drop of the Fall/Winter 2017 collection is set for availability on Wednesday the 4th of October via the Daily Paper web and retail stores followed by all leading global lifestyle retailers.