Ian Kenneth bird for Carhartt WIP FW17

September 29, 2017 back to overview

‘Take a picture, it’ll last longer’ is somewhat
of a cliché, but it’s one which ultimately
encapsulates the essence of Ian Kenneth
Bird’s work. The British photographer’s
aesthetic is rooted in ephemerality, capturing
the eeting nature of young guns and girls
in their prime. Bumps, bruises and all—they’ll
probably never look better.

A fascination with portraiture and love of
skating overlapped when he moved to London,
and continue to inform who and how he shoots.
The people Bird casts are often not models,
but kids he has found at the skatepark.
“Or in the street or through instagram. I’m
constantly lurking for people,”
he says.

His unique aesthetic—youthful, intimate, a little
bit raw—has seen the 26 year old enlisted by
a number of luxury fashion houses in the past
year. Fashion with a capital F, after all, has
always had an obsession with youth. In Bird,
they have someone close enough to the action
to actually capture it. “Luckily I’ve always
managed to have quite a lot of freedom,”
Bird of these projects. “I’ve always managed
to cast the people I want and to shoot the way
that I want. I think that’s because it has come
off the back of personal work”

That personal work—the kind that rst thrust
him into the limelight last year when he
debuted his Don’t Know What I Want But I Want
It Now exhibition and photobox—is a constant
for Bird. In fact, just last month, he released
another self-published zine. Titled ‘Archie’,
it focuses on one week in early August with one
character—skating, chatting, hanging out.
It was all shot, published and designed by Bird
himself. “It was very natural and so it felt like
the publication should be the same.” he says.
“The plan was for it to feel simple,
not overdone.